Jan 16, 2019 - Jan 18, 2019




AVSuperfly Shipping Overview


Having only just launched our new site, we're only able to focus on West Coast deliveries, within the UPS 2-Day Ground region highlighted in below.  Please read below, for details on our shipping requirements.




  • We ship via UPS Ground, to the cities highlighted below.
  • If this order is mission critical, we suggest you order a couple of days early, incase there’s a UPS Delay that is completely out of our hands.
  • We need a site contact, name and number, valid address where shipping/receiving is viable (hotel, house, office, etc).
  • We need Full Payment, Photo ID and Insurance before shipping.
  • We will confirm all details, and double check any order details, by phone, before shipping. 
  • Tracking number will be shared once available.



AVSuperfly Shipping Range

Upon Delivery


  • You must be on-site when package is expected to arrive.
  • Please open box from the top, and do not discard any foam.
  • If damage or missing parts are detected, we must be informed immediately.




  • Use included labels for returns.  
  • Orders must be postmarked for shipping by last of rental, to avoid late fees.
  • Do not rely on your regular UPS driver to collect these packages w/o notice.  Regular trucks on daily routes are often full.  
  • Packages must be dropped at a UPS Customer Center, or schedule a UPS Pickup at your own convenience.
  • Late returns could incur additional fees, on top of rental extensions, if clashing with additional customer orders.
  • Returns with missing parts or damage, will incur additional fees



Emergency + Other


For orders outside of our shipping range, or last-minute emergencies, please call our support team on (415) 716-7752.  We'll see what we can do within the bounds of Freight, Cargo and Overnight services.