Nov 20, 2018 - Nov 26, 2018


*** Our office will be closed on November 22nd and 23rd.  Please call us in advance, for rentals during this period!  ***


 How It Works 

Rental Durations

Our Pricing is simple.  We charge for number of days out of our Shop:

  • A 1-day Rental:  Pickup and return, same day.  AMAZING deals if you can pickup and return in one day!
  • A 2-day Rental:  Pickup anytime Monday, return anytime Tuesday (before close).
  • A 3-day Rental:  Pickup anytime Monday, return anytime Wednesday (before close).



Late Fees

Orders that are returned late, will incur Late Fees.

  • Late Fees are charged as brand-new rentals, not basic extensions.
  • If equipment is not returned by it's next scheduled pickup time, forcing AVSuperfly to book replacement equipment, the customer is liable for all sub-rental and relevant shipping fees.
  • Customers have until the moment of equipment pickup, to clarify the equipment return date, to avoid such fees.
  • Early returns will be honored with a 50% refund of remaining days.




  • We can schedule pickups, returns and deliveries from 8:00am - 8:00pm.
  • We don't do drop-ins, please schedule your order by phone or online before swinging by the office.
  • We will occasionally make appointments on weekends but only by appointment, depending on the situation. 



Local Delivery & Pickup

  • We offer Local Delivery and Pickup in the SF/Bay Area for $99
  • Give us a call to see if your venue is in our radius
  • We need an exact delivery and pickup time, site contact and any special instructions
  • Site contact must meet AVSuperfly Drivers curbside, and manage the load-in
  • Our drivers cannot leave their vehicles unattended and cannot offer setup or install services. 



Shipping Guidlines

  • Please see our full Shipping Guidelines for more information.
  • Alternatively, you can call us on (415) 510-2050.




  • AV Equipment in large orders can become very expensive, quickly.
  • In most cases, a Credit Card could not cover the replacement value of an order if lost, stolen or severly damaged.
  • We ask customers to a provide proof Production Insurance, with Rental Equipment Coverage, before we can approve large orders.
  • We can approve smaller orders w/o Insurance, but talk to us first about your shoot.