Mar 19, 2019 - Mar 21, 2019




Think of our Rental Lists as your multi-purpose Shopping Cart!  They can be the exact gearlist you require for your upcoming shoot.  They can be a working wishlist for that little doc or short movie you’re dying to make.  They can be a rough shopping cart or a finely-tuned order with specific dates and delivery options.  Share with a client, producer, DP or partner.  Adjust and tweak as necessary.  And even better, they’re savable, customizable and you can have an unlimited amount!

Have you got several tentative gigs coming up this month?  Get several Rental Lists going in AVSuperfly right now!

Freedom to name and save your Rental Lists however you like, makes re-ordering a breeze.  Do you use the same gear for every run-and-gun interview shoot?  Do you take that same webcasting kit to those monthly team-meetings?  Keep Rental Lists as a template and re-order in two clicks!   We know how exhausting it can be adding identical items to a cart over and over again.  No more!

Even better, you’re seeing live inventory and availability as you browse.  Without waiting on hold, or for an email response, you can now see when/where your gear is available and make appropriate adjustments as necessary.How Rental Lists Work