Mar 19, 2019 - Mar 21, 2019


Rent Aurray Deadcat

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Retail value: $39.00
Renting The Aurray Deadcat:


AVSuperfly rents the Aurray Deadcat for pickup in our South San Francisco office or for delivery throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including San Jose, Oakland, and the Silicon Valley. Most of our rentals qualify for shipping or freight, so give us a call if you're not in the Bay Area, we'd love to hear from you!


Aurray Deadcat Overview:


The Aurray Windshield will reduces Wind Noise up to 40dB, reduces Vocal Plosives and both protects the microphone from Moisture and Dirt. Itll securely hold a shotgun up to 5.5 and 19-23mm in Diameter (like the Rode NTG-2 or Sennheiser ME66) and is essential for gaining clear audio in exterior locations.

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